Fuels - Lubricants

4220 Laura Koppe
Houston, TX 77016-5029
Phone: (281) 443-2336
Toll Free: (855) TX1-FUEL
Fax: (832) 203-5954
Web: TexasFueling.com


We are a leading distributor of specialty fuel services and fuel products. This includes fuel equipment, emergency fuel management and fleets. We provide fuel directly into your equipment on site.  We service a variety of projects from turnarounds to construction jobs.  

We sell and deliver diesel fuel and gasoline to our wide range of customers including the trucking, auto, drilling, construction, petrochemical, manufacturing, marine, and farming industries.

We offer the following high quality fuels:

  • No-Lead Gasoline

  • Off- Road and On-Road Diesel Fuel

  • Bio diesel

  • Kerosene

Lubricant and fuel tanks:

  • All tank Sizes small and large

  • Tank Sizes from 275 gallons - 20,000 gallons

  • Double wall Tanks

  • Overhead Tanks

  • 4-Hour Fire Rated

  • Skid Tanks

  • Containment pans

  • Relocation of Tanks to New Job Sites



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